Give memories to your brand

Who ever said Promotional activities only referred to sales promotion and instant (read short term) hike in sales?
Today Brand Promotions talk about increased customer engagement. And engagements like these allow your audiences to add ‘memories’ to your brand activity. What Coca Cola did was not just digging up a park amidst a concrete jungle, but that it made the people around to slip off their shoes and take a moment to unwind in the middle of a stressful day. It gifted its consumers a chance to spin joyous, relaxed, special and may be even serene moments around the promotional campaign. In contrast to the selected brand elements that your marketing team has been trying hard to project, such activities allow the audiences to associate their individual perception and emotion to the brand. No brownie points for guessing the results 🙂

SayWhat guys.. promotions conventionally have meant instant ROI, do you feel Coca Cola might have created good ROI from this activity, atleast in the long run??


Inspiration; Trending

Marketing campaigns need not necessarily have to be inspired by their brand elements. Marketing often helps encash opportunities and get the buck rolling, when its inspired by its environment, what the world is talking about, what is catching eyeballs, or in other words what is ‘trending’.

The new Tata Docomo TVC can be a perfect example of the phenomenon. A lot of us might be familiar with the trending video of the stout fat kid dancing his heart out carefree on the famous and crazy ‘Dhinka Chika’ song. Creative agency DraftFCB + Ulka Adv may score low on creativity for copy pasting an idea completely from the kid’s video, but thumbs up for immediately spinning a whole new brand essence out of an innocent video doing the rounds, surging virally across the social media!

SayWhat guys.. what do you think about this new style of capitalising on already viral videos? Do you know of other such ‘inspired brands’ ?